Review: Love’s Labors Lost at The Public Theater

…Stephanie DiMaggio’s performance as a lust-inspiring country wench, who suggests a hybrid of Amy Winehouse and Sophia Loren, melds cross-cultural references into a delicious and original comic creation.

Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Review: Love’s Labors Lost at The Public Theater

DiMaggio’s Jaquenetta, a country lass who draws all the comic male characters to her like bees to honey, gets the biggest laughs with the fewest lines. That’s because DiMaggio underplays Jaquenetta’s sexuality and slowly allows her to delight in her power over the males.


Review: 17 Orchard Point at The Beckett Theater

Ms. DiMaggio and Ms. Pawk light the stage with fireworks in this and all scenes in the play. Their craft is remarkable and unswerving. It is a gift to see these two actors square off with one another in a duet of thrilling bravura performances.

Theatre Reviews Limited

Review: Love’s Labors Lost at The Public Theater

DiMaggio…tells a whole play’s worth of story with gestures and expressions that show progression from dubious to shocked to kittenish to moved, all with hardly a word.